Victor and Blake & Lamb 1.5 Colispring Mink/Muskrat Pan

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Mink/Muskrat pans for the Victor and Blake & Lamb 1.5 coilspring traps.  The pans are made out of 14 ga. steel, and are heavier than the factory pans.  The pans come already nite-latched, and the bolt hole is already sized for a #10 bolt if you prefer to use them on your traps.  These pans greatly increase the "kill" area of the trap, which is important on small footed animals like Mink and Rats. These pans can take a lot more abuse than the thin factory pans, and will hold up to even the biggest boar coons. These pans are easy to install, simply remove the factory pan, and install these pans with the same bolt. Available by the dozen.