Northwoods 1.5/1.75 & Bridger 1.65 Coilspring Pan

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One dozen Trap pans for the Northwoods 1.5 round and square jaw,  the Northwoods 1.75 round and square jaw, and the Bridger 1.65 coilspring trap. They are also a good replacement for the #2 Northwoods. They are made out of 14 ga. steel, and are heavier than the factory pans.  The bolt hole is already sized for a #10 bolt if you prefer to use them on your traps.  These pans  increase the "kill" area of the trap, and take a lot more abuse than the thin factory pans. These pans are easy to install, simply remove the factory pan, and install these pans with the same bolt.

I personally run a lot of the Northwoods 1.5s and 1.75s, both in the water, and on my fox line. The traps have some years on them, and as the pans were getting bent, I was just cutting the pan off, and welding a new piece of 14 ga. on the original shank. I finally decided (with the help of customer request) to just build a replacement pan for these traps.