Heat Treated Super Stake Driver

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These drivers are built using the same materials as my welded drivers. I understand that not every trapper wants a handle on there driver, and I wanted to be able to offer a driver at a lower price so more trappers could use them. 

Heat Treated Super Stake Driver with Grade 8 High Hex contact nut. Hardened Main Shaft (the entire shaft is hardened not just the turned end). The machined end has been further heat treated for strength and wear resistance. 24" Long. Painted Allis-Chalmers Orange so it doesn't get left behind. 

THESE DRIVERS ARE TOUGH - And they come with a Season Guarantee, which is one year from the purchase date. If the driver fails within that time, we will replace it. If the driver needs shipped - shipping is the responsibility of the trapper. One replacement per purchased driver.