Heat Treated Duckbill Driver With T Handle

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Heat Treated Duckbill Driver With T Handle. 1/2" Hardened main shaft (the entire shaft is hardened, not just the turned end), 1 1/4" x 1/2" x 5" solid T handle, Grade 8 high hex contact nut.  23 1/2" - 24" long. The machined end has been further heat treated for strength and wear resistance, and the striking end has also been further heat treated to withstand striking.  Painted Allis-Chalmers Orange so it doesn't get left behind. 

THESE DRIVERS ARE TOUGH - And they come with a Season Guarantee, which is one year from the purchase date. If the driver fails within that time, we will replace it. If the driver needs shipped - shipping is the responsibility of the trapper. One replacement per purchased driver. 


A pilot hole is recommended when using Duckbills in rocky or heavily frozen ground. If you trap in these conditions, I recommend using a Super Stake. The machined end diameter of the Super Stake driver will hold up better under these conditions.